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The City of Markham is one of the fastest-growing municipalities in Ontario and home to over 340,000 people. Located in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area, Markham is Canada’s High-Technology Capital with close to 1000 high technology and life sciences companies.

Markham, Ontario is one of the most culturally diverse and fast growing cities in the Greater Toronto Region. A multiple award winning municipality celebrating its 220th anniversary, Markham is recognized as Canada’s High-Tech Capital anchored by 1000 high-tech and life sciences companies that generate 34,000 jobs. Of the 9,900 companies in Markham, there are more than 400 Canadian head offices located here – including industry leaders such as IBM, Aviva Insurance, AMD, Allstate, The Miller Group, Parsons, Huawei Technologies, MMM Group, Lenovo, GE Energy, Bank of China, Toshiba, J+J, Hyundai and Honda. Defined by its rich heritage, well-planned communities, high quality infrastructure, a talented workforce, and a pro-business environment, Markham’s business community includes outstanding companies and organizations providing globally competitive banking, financing, engineering, design, technical and commercialization services.

Markham is the largest of nine municipalities in York Region with a population of more than 345,000. It is the 16th largest municipality in Canada and the 7th largest in Ontario. Markham is a multicultural community of over 65 cultures and languages. The municipality of Markham is the most diverse in Canada, with 72.3% of its population part of visible minority groups.

It is dedicated to preserving its natural beauty and historical heritage. In August 2000, the City of Markham was the first recipient of the prestigious prize, the Prince of Wales Heritage Award, honouring the local government for preserving heritage buildings through bylaws and policies. This award was initiated by the Heritage Canada Foundation under royal decree.

The City of Markham is an ideal location to start and grow a business thanks to its well-defined transportation and communication networks, high quality facilities, diverse and highly educated labour force, and pro-business environment. Markham is also an ideal location to buy houses in real estate and find Markham homes for sale and call it your dream home here.

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Markham homes for sale

Markham homes for sale

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